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Booking management

Our booking conditions

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On Friday nights and weekends, we have 2 shifts. In both shifts, your table is available for 2 hours. Your table will be kept for 15 minutes after the time of booking; after this time your table will be released. Please be punctual.

Guanabara cumpleaños

Birthday & Other

The entrace of food and beverage from outside is prohibited. We have different cakes available that should be booked in advanced. Costumes and inappropiate clothing are not allowed.

Guanabara niños


The Rodizio price for kids under 7 years is 16€.

Guanabara mascotas


We do not allow any kind of pets.

Dress code

The entrance with beach clothes (swimsuit, tank top and flip flops) is not allowed.

Book your table

Through the following form you can make your reservation. Remember that your table will be saved for 15 min. We request punctuality.
Please, take into account that for reservations from 7 people, you must click on the bottom button «GROUP REQUEST».
Remember to mark the date on the calendar first.

Share experiences

In each bite, Guanabara is a lifestyle. Brazil in vein, genuine food and a unique atmosphere. Nothing like enjoying around a table with good friends, an authentic caiprinha and the best gastronomic offer.

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